we´re friends from berlin, germany offering 3 different tours specially made for jehovah´s witnesses

please contact us via instagram, mail, whatsapp or the contact form down below if you´re interested in a tour. to get a fast answer, we need this informations: number of attendees, the dates, which tour and language

you´re wondering how much you have to pay for these tours? that´s easy: you decide how much! on the end of each tour please give your tour guide a donation according to how much you liked it

The History of JW in Germany

A sightseeing tour through Berlin for Jehovahs witnesses. Find Jehovah´s Name, how the brothers survived the persecution, where they smuggled literature for their friends and more

Concentration camp Sachsenhausen

Hear different stories about how Jehovah´s witnesses helped and worked together to survive with Jehovah´s help this horrible place and time for 12 long years

Pergamon Museum

See how prophecies fulfilled, how difficult it was for Daniel to be faithful in Babylon, what we can learn from the prophecies of Ezekiel and how this tour can strengthen your faith

Psalm 78

The things we have heard and know, Which our fathers have related to us, We will not hide from their sons; We will relate to the generation to come

The praiseworthy deeds of Jehovah and his strength, The wonderful things he has done.

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